||Hickory Classique – Artax & Seabiscuit
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Hickory Classique – Artax & Seabiscuit

Welcoming our new additions to this Classique Collection; Artax & Seabiscuit

Hickory Impressions Classique now offers 11 unique modern colours that all share the classic texture of American Hickory hardwood.

Hickory Impression Classique has timeless wire brush finish to create the feel of a natural timber finish. All colours are matte finished with a coating of UV lacquer. Board sizes are 1900mm x 190mm x 12mm.

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1900mm x 190mm x 12mm

UV Lacquer

Wire Brushed

Matte Finish

Nested Boards in the packs

Features of Hickory Impressions Classique:

Hickory Impressions Classique is hardened by nature and will withstand the rigours of today’s busy lifestyles. With similar texture as European Oak and unique colours, plus high stability and durability, Hickory Impressions Classique ticks all the boxes.

The fusion of hardness, strength, toughness and stiffness not commonly seen in any other timber flooring products, combined with warm colours makes Hickory Impressions flooring a must choice for any home or office. Hickory Impressions Classique has the strength overany other species.