||Hard wax oil maintenance

Hard wax oil maintenance

We recommend all Regency Hardwood Infinite products (wax oil finish) need to be re-olied and maintained every 12-18 months for residential use and 6 months for commercial use to keep the floor fresh and ensure the warranty won’t be compromised.

Please follow up our instructions carefully and always to contact the manufacturer if not sure. We recommend using Osmo Hard Wax Oil as it was original coated on Regency Infinite floorboards.

1 The floor must be cleaned with Bona or other professional flooring cleaning products. Please refer to our cleaning guides for more information.

2 Shake oil containers well before and during use.

3 Apply the first coat thinly, thorough and evenly along wood grain using a microfibre roller or and spread well. Remove surplus.  Approx 24 m2 with one coat per litre according to the coating manufacturer guidelines.

4 Leave the oil to be absorbed and allow for good ventilation whilst drying for 8-10 hours. Low temperatures and/or higher air humidity can increase the drying time.

5 When the Work in small areas one step at a time until the floor is finished.

6 If necessary a second coat be applied same as per the first coat.

7 After the coat fully dried, the floor needs to be full cleaned with Bona or other professional flooring cleaning products.

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