||Choice for health, Choice for green.

Choice for health, Choice for green.

There is nothing more precious than your family health.

Australian Select Timbers is a naturally healthy alternative to other floor-coverings, why? Because our naturally sustainable timber flooring products are much more hypo-allergenic and asthma-friendly than textiles and materials that actively trap dust mites, pollens, odours, and other allergens.

With pre-finished engineered timber flooring, your installation process will be quicker, cleaner, and odour-free, with the added advantage of increased air quality and extremely low VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemical Compounds) that could otherwise permeate your home when you install other types of floor-coverings.

Improve your lifestyle quality with Australian Select Timbers.

Install our timeless and durable flooring solutions in your home’s living and bedroom areas, and minimise your cleaning requirements with an easy sweep and vacuum to capture surface dust – and enjoy the warmth of natural timber in winter, and its coolness underfoot in summer.


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