||Keep your floor looking like NEW

Keep your floor looking like NEW

Australian Select Timbers® brings you stylish, sustainable, sophisticated and simply beautiful floors but taking care of them to preserve their magnificent finish and quality presence is a must. By following a few simple care and maintenance guidelines your floor will continue to be a thing of beauty for years to come.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Installing good quality mats inside and outside of external doors to trap grit and remove moisture from shoes is a sensible precaution and will reduce the possibility of scratches.
  • In high traffic areas or areas where spillage may occur the use of mats is recommended to give added protection
  • All furniture should have felt pads fitted to the base of legs or on other areas in contact with the floor to avoid scratches.  On heavy furniture felt backed castors can be used if required.
  • Avoid using wheeled chairs i.e. office furniture or ensure that a large good quality office mat is used to prevent indentations in the timber.
  • Rubber based items e.g. the backing for matting, castors under furniture and rubber tipped furniture feet should not be in direct contact with the floor.
  • Keep pet’s nails trimmed to protect the floor from scratches.
  • All timber reacts when exposed to direct sunlight and this may cause colour changes or fading. Curtains, blinds or UV resistant films on windows should be considered to reduce the exposure to direct sunlight and protect the flooring.  Furniture and rugs should be moved occasionally so that the effect of sunlight on the floor is uniform.
  • Any materials spilt on the floor should be wiped up immediately.
  • Maintaining the temperature and humidity within a reasonably consistent range will keep the floor stable.


  • Dry cleaning of the floor should be carried out regularly to remove loose dirt, grit and dust. Use a Bona Dusting pad or soft broom. If vacuum cleaning, the cleaning head must have a soft brush so as to not damage the floor.
  • Use a Bona Spray Mop with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner to clean the floor surface when required; dry clean the floor first. Do not ‘wet’ mop the floor anytime as excessive amounts of water may cause damage.

Avoid the following:

  • Indentation from stilettos or spiked heels.
  • Pulling or pushing furniture or other objects across the floor
  • Avoid using a steam mop, abrasive cleaning materials or harsh detergents / household cleaners on the floor. Using these cleaning methods / materials will harm the surface of the floor and may cause physical damage to the boards.
  • Do not use solvents of any kind to clean the floor. Methylated Spirits, Turpentine or similar materials will damage the floor surface.

Australian Select Timbers® recommends that Bona Floor Care products are used to clean and maintain the floor. Full details can be found at www.bona.com.au


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