Opulence Native
Opulence Native 136mm
1820 / 2130 x 136 x 14mm

For a classic hardwood timber floor feel, choose our Opulence Native Collection in the 136mm width option.

Opulence Native 180mm
1820 / 2130 x 180 x 14mm

Our Opulence Native Collection is derived from the best timber our country has to offer in a contemporary 180mm wide board.

Regency Hardwood
Regency Imperial
1860 x 125 / 189 x 14mm

The Regency Imperial Collection is available in Spotted Gum and Blackbutt timbers, featuring options of a traditional 125mm board width or in a contemporary 189mm wide board.

Regency Infinite
1860 x 189 x 14mm

Our Regency Infinite Collection offers a generous 189mm wide board with a stunning hard wax oil coating that brings the natural beauty of the outdoors to your interior.

Regency Hinterland
1860 x 189 x 14mm

Our Hinterland Collection embraces the beauty of nature with its organic warmth of dark gum veins, knots and textures.

Regency Herringbone
600 x 120 x 14.5mm

Australia's favourite hardwood flooring species in the luxury design of herringbone, featuring the most stunning colour variation.

Regency Eco-Smart
1860 x 136 x 12mm

Our Regency Eco-Smart flooring is the entry level option for those wanting a high end finish at a fraction of the price, where quality is not compromised.